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Hardware Update for XC17SxxA family: fixes margin verify problem encountered in some part lots: Click HERE for more

Welcome to Roman-Jones, Inc.

» Roman-Jones offers the best value in Xilinx Serial PROM Programming hardware. This low-cost-alternative device is Xilinx-certified, and can program any Xilinx Serial PROM part. more...

» We also offer the PB8051 Microcontroller for Xilinx FPGAs. This core is emulated using the Xilinx PicoBaze softcore microcontroller. more...
»  Roman-Jones professional services include design, consulting and contract engineering. Contact Roman-Jones today for information on how we can help meet your engineering needs. Roman-Jones can make your ideas work!

Exclusive RJ Hardware Product
Certified by Xilinx only $139.95

» The Xilinx Serial PROM Programmer provides a low cost alternative for programming any Xilinx Serial PROM device. The programmer product consists of an external programmer and associated interface software.

» Features
 • Programs all Xilinx Serial PROMs
 • Supports the Xilinx XC17xx family
 • Plugs into your parallel printer port
 • Uses 9-volt battery (no AC adapter)
 • Easy to use software for Windows
 • FREE technical support
 • More...

» Order your
Serial PROM Programmer today!

Roman-Jones, Inc.
11679 La Core Ave
Empire, MI 49630
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Hardware update for programming XC17SxxA family, solves margin verify problem encountered in some part lots.

High Performance Xilinx Cores
Certified by Xilinx only $495.95

» The PB8051 is a 8031 implementation of the popular 8051 Microcontroller Family. Iincludes the two timers and serial port found in the 8031. PB8051 is fully software compatible with a 8031, able to execute object code generated by 8051 design tools.
» Features
 • 8031 software compatible     microcontroller for Xilinx FPGAs
 • Includes serial port and timers 0 & 1
 • Easy to use in ISE flow
 • Fast learning curve
Small size ~ 300 slices
 • Use existing 8051 object code
 • VHDL or Verilog support
 • Custom 8051 configurations available
Simulation netlist provided
 • Reference design provided
 • Support in all Xilinx FPGAs
    Spartan II and above
 • Low cost - only $495,
 • Hourly support available
 • Available under terms of the
    SignOnce IP license (unlimited use)
 • More...


Consulting & Contract Engineering
as well as Professional Design Services

» Roman-Jones designs can be found anywhere from factory floors and kitchens to bowling alleys and airports. We can participate in your design effort in the way that best fits your needs, whether from concept to completion, or just to write an embedded assembler routine or VHDL code to fill an FPGA.

» Expertise
 • Contract engineering
Electronic design
Analog and digital hardware design
 • Industrial controls
 • Specialized / custom test equipment
 • Any or all phases of product design
     from concept to production
 • Add to your engineering resources
    without the long term cost of
    permanent engineering staff
 • Assist in sourcing vendors for
    components and / or assembly
    (domestic and far east)
Expert witness
 • Training
 • More...

VHDL, Verilog, Schematic

A/D, PLL, Switching Regulators

8051, Motorola, Zilog, PIC, Intel

Circuit Board Design:
Schematic, layout, prototype

Embedded Software:
“C” and assembler