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Design Services

The principles of Roman-Jones, Inc. are Lance Roman, P.E. and Dorne Yeager, both degreed engineers with extensive experience. The company is orchestrated to take your project from concept to production as a complete design turnkey solution, or to participate with your engineering team, adding to your resources where needed. Roman-Jones, Inc. can also assist in sourcing vendors for components and assembly if you do not have production facilities.

A typical engineering effort consists of a product specification and a design cycle that results in a working prototype with complete documentation, including source code, schematic drawings, material lists, and operations/maintenance manuals. The design will be production-ready and all intellectual material will be your property.

Roman-Jones, Inc. has been engaged in consulting and contractual engineering in the electronics and computer industry since 1987 and is staffed with degreed Electrical and Computer Engineers. Located in a company-owned 2400 square foot facility in Empire, Michigan, Roman-Jones, Inc. has the necessary capital equipment and development tools to provide engineering to meet your exact needs and requirements. The Roman-Jones, Inc. laboratory is fully equipped for leading edge electronic design, offering:

  • Xilinx Xperts
    Roman-Jones, Inc. is a certified member of the Xilinx Xperts design services, an organization sponsored by Xilinx, the largest provider of field programmable gate arrays (FPGA). Our expertise and design experience with Xilinx FPGA's began in 1988 with the XC3000 family. From that time on, we have designed architectures featuring every Xilinx family member. We have used and are experts in all the design tools and offerings of Xilinx.
    • Embedded Microprocessors
      Using the Xilinx EDK tools, System On a Chip (SOC) architectures can include the Power PC embedded in the Virtex II Pro family, or the MicroBlaze softcore processor in a Virtex, Spartan II, or Spartan 3.

      For smaller requirements the 8 bit PicoBlaze softcore fits into minimal FPGA fabric with speeds in excess of 60 MIP's.
      Of course we also offer our very own PB8051, softcore 8031, processor to preserve legacy software and a well known microcontroller design architecture.
    • Digital Signal Processing
      Designs and architectures in Matlab Simulink using the Xilinx Blockset can be easily integrated with other design elements as an entire system in the FPGA. We have experience with FIR filter design techniques. Our intimate knowledge of the Xilinx FPGA fabric enables us to take your DSP concepts into fast and small hardware. Application areas include industrial signal acquisition, video processing, and communications.
    • PCI
      The Xilinx PCI core enables you to put an entire digital design on a single FPGA. We have PCI experience designing cards for a standard PCI slot and proprietary implementations. Both initiator and target agents are supported with high data burst rates in mind. Our experience includes designing asynchronous FIFO's to link data transfer between the PCI and backend design clock domains. Applications include PC add-in cards, data acquisition, and inter-board system bussing.
    • Training
      The principles of Roman-Jones, Inc. are Xilinx certified trainers for a variety of Xilinx courses (offered through Xilinx):
      Embedded Systems Development
      DSP Design Flow
      DSP Implementation Techniques
      Designing a PCI System
      Advanced FPGA Implementation
      Designing For Performance (for the ASIC user)
      Fundamentals of FPGA Design
      Introduction to VHDL
      Introduction to Verilog

      In addition, personalized training can be offered on site to establish FPGA design capabilities right in your engineering department.
  • Programmable Logic
    Programmable Logic, PLDs and FPGAs, are design specialities of Roman-Jones, Inc. With PLD design experience since 1979 (when PAL devices were made popular by MMI), today's capabilities allow work with the most complicated field programmable gate arrays, FPGAs. Roman-Jones, Inc. owns licensed development tools for programmable logic made by Xilinx, Altera, Actel, Lattice, Cypress, ICT, and Phillips.
    • HDL - Source
      VHLD, Verilog, and Abel
    • Schematic Capture
      ORCAD, Aldec Foundation, State Cad, Viewlogic, Viewdraw, ProSeries, and WorkView Office.
    • HDL - Synthesis
      Synplicity, Xilinx XST, Leonardo Spectrum, Synopsys FPGA Express, Metamor, and DATA IO Abel.
      Constraint driven synthesis and FPGA floorplanning provided to properly drive the implementation tools
    • Simulation
      HDL - Modelsim and Aldec Active HDL
      Gate Level - Aldec Active SIM, ViewSim, and ProSim
      Behavioral and Testbench design is a main stay of our talents. Simulation can be performed at all designs levels; RTL, synthesized netlist, and post place and route. Timing verification and static timing analysis are available on post place and route netlists.
  • Digital Electronic Design
    Our digital design capabilities includes microprocessor/micro-controller based systems design, sequencers, high speed bit slice, disk and tape controllers, memory subsystems (dynamic and static), IBM PC architecture, ISA bus, CAN, RS485, SPI, USB, and I2C protocols. Applictions includes video, data acquisition, and communications.
  • Analog Electronics Design
    Roman-Jones, Inc. has design experience with data separators, miscellaneous phaselock loops, control systems, telecommunications, modems, switching power supplies, AC & DC motor control, temperature control systems, television, video and audio. Analog circuit design is performed to minimize effects of noise, power supply, and component variation sensitivities. Consultation with circuit board layout vendors assures optimal layout.
  • Software Design
    Roman-Jones, Inc. has programming talents that equal its hardware capabilities, including programming expertise in many assemblers and high level languages, files systems, operating systems, device drivers (including disk tape, and networking), applications and industrial control programming. Programming expertise spans Intel and Motorola architectures from the large microprocessors to micro-controllers including members of the 80x86, 680x0 through 680x, 68HC11, and the 8051 and its derivatives. Also included are micorcontroller offerings from Zilog, Microchip, and Samsung. Programs are written in C or assembler.

    On the PC platform, programs are written in assembler, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic utilizing the Microsoft Visual Studio Tool offering. We have experience under MS-DOS, Windows 3.x/95/98/NT/2000/XP. We have experience writing BIOS, device driver, communications protocol, and database mangement code. Most application programs complement a custom hardware design. Area of expertise include data acquisition, test equipment, industrial controllers, and communication interfaces.
  • Industrial Controls
    Roman-Jones, Inc. has expertise in areas of control systems, noise immunity, and factory hardened electronics, including industrial PC design, motor control, temperature control, load control and switching, signal conditioning, local communication networks, and various sensor interfacing. Area of expertise include factory floor controllers, test equipment, and instrumentation with a heavy emphasis on automotive, robotic, factory, and material handling industries.
  • Other services
    Other services provided by Roman-Jones, Inc. include:
    • Expert Witness Services
      Lance Roman, president of Roman-Jones, Inc. has worked with the legal profession providing expert witness and discovery services in areas where technical expertise is needed.
    • Sales and Marketing Consultation
      Lance Roman has been a consultant in electronic peripheral and component sales. In addition, he has experience in providing marketing plans, application engineering, customer and product support, field service, competitive analysis, and product planning.
    • Entrepreneurial Services and Support
      A consultant is an entrepreneur between startups. The engineers of Roman-Jones, Inc. have prior experience at corporate organization, management of personnel, program management, finance and budget, generation of business plans, and corporate operations, including manufacturing, engineering, quality and materials.

    • Engineering Internships Available
      Please contact us if you are interested in an internship with our company.